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Work in the health sector in Granma to strengthen family medicine

In line with the priorities of the Ministry of Public Health, the province of Granma is working to rescue the founding foundations of the family doctor and Nurse Program, created 35 years ago at the initiative of the historic leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro.

While the necessary human resources are available, and in many cases the required infrastructure is also available, the services provided do not live up to what the people need and deserve, Dr. Ciro Estrada García, chief executive of the sector in the territory, told the press.

He explained that the work of recovery begins from the academy, with transformations in the specialty of General Integral Medicine (MGI), whose duration from the present school year will be three years, thus favoring greater stability of the galenes in the area.

This measure-he said-will have a positive impact on one of the most repeated complaints of the population, regarding the change of Doctor, since during that time the residents of MGI should not move from their workplace, except for rotations by hospital centers and other curricular training actions.

He also noted that the existing infrastructure will continue to be improved, and eight clinics in the northern part of Bayamo city are planned for the current year.

The main aim is to provide the facilities of this type with the necessary means of living and equipment for patients and health personnel, so that everything is reversed as the attention and satisfaction of the people, stressed Estrada García.

He added that improving the training schedules and ensure a proper chain of command at the level of primary health care, from the directors of polyclinics, until the heads of basic groups of work, are other fronts on which work is to ensure the proper functioning of the processes of family medicine.

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