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Three detainees in two operations for offences against public health

The Civil Guard has arrested three people in two different operations as alleged authors of crimes against public health and trafficking in drugs in the locality from castellón de la Vall d’uixó and Benicarló, as reported by the armed institute in a press release.

The first performance began when the officers in charge of the operation had knowledge of a possible cultivation indoor marijuana located in a shed of field in the Game ‘The Slut’ of the Vall d’uixó.

As a result of intensive efforts and investigations, it was found that two persons from the same family allegedly used the property as a drug point of sale.

The Civil Guards, after you apply for the appropriate injunction, agreed to the place and found an orchard with 10 seedlings with a weight of 360 grams, buds with a weight of 167 grams and numerous pots of plant protection products for the compost.

In the rooms were found more fertilizer boats, as well as several precision scales, seeds, marijuana grinders, monodose bags, current transformers, lamps, fertilizer material, more than 910 euros in different bills and fractional currency. In addition, a compressed-air Short weapon was found in a hidden drawer, used as an intimidating or defensive means to prevent the theft of the cultivated substances.

For this reason, two men were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health and drug trafficking. The proceedings have been handed over to examining magistrate No. 3 of Nules. As a result of this operation, a drug sales point in the province is dismantled.

Second operation

The second operation began when agents, in one of the services, realized that a field located in the town of Benicarló gave off a strong smell of what appeared to be marijuana.

The civil guards, after a detailed survey of the area and the parked vehicles, managed to locate a van and observed that there were marijuana plants inside.

In view of this fact, the civil guards started a waiting device to locate the user of the vehicle and, upon arrival, after identifying him, they proceeded to carry out an inspection of the interior of the vehicle, where they found in the rear a total of 35 large cannabis sativa plants.

Above all, the Civil Guard proceeded to the arrest of such person, a man of 47 years, as an alleged perpetrator of a crime against public health. It already had numerous criminal records.

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