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There will be a transfeminist, family and health self-management Fair

During the afternoon of today will be present in Hipólito Irigoyen 438 emprendedorxs with the aim of generating new spaces of exchange at popular prices.

Posts of macramé, handcrafted screen printing and clothes worn without distinction of gender will be present on this occasion. From space they will also offer vegan snacks and clarify that it will be free of macho violence.

“Feria Magenta” – one of the protagonists talked over time about the imprint of the commercialization of clothes used to beat the crisis and maintain the style. Admission is free and free. Cristina Vera belongs to” Feria Magenta”, a group of organized friends who in 2017 began to select clothing they did not use.

The young woman explained that in addition to being an area of economic resistance, “clothing is one of the most polluting consumption in society and we may not use it and someone could use it.”

He explained that in this way the garments can continue to circulate, without ending up in a trash can, so the prices will be accessible and the items for sale will vary in sizes and shapes.

The meeting will also feature the perspective who of Alicia Cobos. The naturist nutritionist resides in another province but often visits these latitudes promoting health autonomy. He explained that he will have a stand with purification kits that mix medicinal plants and manual cleaning protocols in fanzine format.

It will be a la gorra-he commented that the products and the information seek to generate a self-management of the health from an environmentally friendly vision. He will give a conscious feeding talk at 6:00 p.m. with the aim of decolonizing, taking out all the mumbo jumbo posed by traditional medicine and doing it from a language that everyone understands.

He stressed the importance of economic prices in terms of the community, circular and collective nature of the meeting. The day that will begin in the afternoon at the vegan cooperative located at 438 Irigoyen Street will end with the show “Familoamerica” at 20:00.

This clown presentation that has been going through Latin America for years with the aim of making people laugh, listen and feel will be to the cap.

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