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The family physician is the health care through prevention

The family and community doctor is responsible for the health care of each member of the family.

These specialists are the ones who are committed, from the first level of care, to working on everything that is the subject of prevention and promotion in the population.

The president of the Dominican Society of family and Community Medicine, Ronit Hernández Mejía, and Dr. Indy Nuñez Fajardo, also a specialist of that branch, stress the importance of these galenos for the individual to learn to take care of himself and to maintain his health.

Also in those with pre-existing diseases, guiding them how to continue with their lives without that evil that afflicts them advancing further.

Hernández Mejía describes that in addition to providing comprehensive care, they have the capacity to care for each person without distinction as to gender and age, since they work in health prevention and promotion, which allows them to give a timely diagnosis, if warranted, and preventive.

More prevention

The family doctor is more cost-effective for the State at all levels of care, because the preventive, non-curative part is worked.

We are responsible for educating people with preventable diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, so that they do not move forward,” explains the president of the specialists.

Indy Núñez Fajardo points out that the family doctor has the capacity to ensure the physical, social and psychological health of the whole family, and when asked how he differs from the general, he adds that he works on prevention and treats the whole family in their own environment.

“We get involved beyond the patient itself, we have a role of commitment to our community,” he said.


Ronit Hernández Mejía ensures that the population goes to the family doctor, and “now it is working what is the medicine family, therefore the Primary Care Units (Unap) are equipped with these specialists, in Santo Domingo and in the interior.”

It points out that a Primary Care Unit is intended to cater for 500 families and a family nucleus can consist of an average of 5 persons.

“For every 25,000 inhabitants there must be a family doctor and in the country there are 1,783 units of care, where not all are qualified and not all are managed by family doctors.

1,350 Professionals.

This is the number of family doctors currently working in the country.


This professional, after studying for 5 years as a general practitioner, should last three more years receiving clinical and community training to achieve his specialty.

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