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Table social for the right to public health calls to manifest itself in the fist gear family

We do not want, we do not want, that health becomes a company”, under this motto was held the call for the family March for the right to health
Health, carried out by the Social Committee for the right to health for this day Saturday 6 April at 11 am

In a press conference held this morning at the front of the San José Hospital, the spokesmen of La mesa – representing more than thirty groups, unions, NGOs , among others – Ingrid González, Tomás Lagormasino, José Luis Espinoza, Laura San Martín and Patricia Lisham called for a demonstration for the right to health, in order to recover a social good that they assure, is becoming every day a consumer good that is guaranteed by the state.

” We have a right-wing, regressive system where the one who has the most money can have the best health, in short it is neither universal nor equitable for the whole population (…) that is what cannot exist and there must be a unique and universal system for all citizens, ” said the spokesman for the Workers of the Mesa, José Luís Espinoza.

” Long ago, Social Security was assured, post-dictatorship rights have been violated and there has been no need to democratize those rights , make them efficient and in line with social reality, ” said Ingrid González, a spokesperson representing NGOs and others.

On the figures provided by the government in regard to matters of health, with special emphasis on the reduction of waiting lists, another of the spokespersons, representing the bureau, Thomas Lagomarsino noted that these data do not correspond to reality.

“Waiting lists in Chile decrease because they are graduated when they die or for administrative reasons, or because their cases are solved, but in the least of the cases and in addition obstacles have been put in place from the primary system so that they do not enter the waiting list, creating ‘ghost lists’, which are out of the statistics,” he said.

All the spokespersons emphasized the family nature of this March by ensuring that ” we are all, have been and will be users of Health in general, and the lack of right to health is a cross-cutting issue that affects us all from the infant to the elderly, through adolescents and adults, and also including people with physical and mental disabilities.”

“The fact that we do not have a right to health, and we are only guaranteed access, affects us regardless of sex, sexual orientation or age, is a problematic country that can no longer be invizibilized,” they added.

The call of the spokespeople is to demonstrate in Santiago on Saturday, April 6, at 11 am in plaza Italia, and to join the other demonstrations that will be held in regions to demand the right to Public Health.

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