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Public health campaigns for the prevention and detection of diseases through training of personnel

The Ministry of Public Health, through its various programmes, strengthens the prevention, detection and diagnosis of diseases through the transfer of knowledge to professionals, health personnel, as well as the community, according to the different factors of the determinants of health (environmental and health) in different mission locations.

During this week, training on acute low respiratory infections (IRAB) was held in the Sum of the municipality of Gobernador Roca, for health professionals and personnel in the Paraná Central Zone: San Ignacio, Santa Ana, Jardín América, Gobernador Roca and Corpus; the activity was also replicated in the hospital of Candelaria Nivel. The training was developed by IRAB Provincial program coordinator Dr. Guillermo Rolón.

The objective of the activity is to provide tools and update previous knowledge to strengthen the capacity of the services and to assist in the decision-making for the implementation of actions for the prevention and control of acute low respiratory infections.

CPR training

A day of basic CP resuscitation and First Aid training was held at the 13 – director Prof. Hugo Wasinger – School of Higher Education in the town of San Vicente for some 350 students and teachers at the secondary level. The activity was developed by the Provincial Coordinator of the Programs of CPR Jose Lic Warrior Kampf.

Comprehensive Adolescent Health workshop

The provincial adolescent programme team conducted a comprehensive Adolescent Health workshop with 5th – year-olds from the Lisandro De La Torre Institute. Topics covered included comprehensive health, rights, contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted infections, among others.

Training cycle good water management practices

A new training of good water management practices was carried out in Aristóbulo del Valle for food, industrial and productive companies, technical staff of agencies involved in the topic, municipal bromatologies, laboratories and technicians for quality control and maintenance.

The training was developed by the water and Food Laboratory team. Bromatological Biochemistry residence. DSB-DSA-Subsecretaria de APS-Ministerio de Salud Pública y la empresa estatal Aguas de las Misiones.

Promotion, awareness and testing for HIV in the Wake for the Fatherland

Also the Provincial nominee Program of HIV with other Public Health programs, was conducting promotion and awareness-raising in the framework of the celebrations of the 25th of may at the club Tokyo of Posadas. About 25 older adults were tested for HIV.

In this sense, the Provincial co-ordinator of the HIV Program, Dr. Andrea Gallardo emphasized the importance of “the adult’s awareness and do the test for HIV to rule out or confirm the disease, due to that in recent data collected by the Secretary of Health of the Nation, the 3.6 percent of new cases of HIV that were recorded in the belong to adults over the age of 50 years. In 99 percent of cases the disease is contracted through sexual relations without protection and this same age range that also resists done the Test of HIV.

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