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Itaipu delivered drugs and supplies to strengthen services

On Tuesday, Itaipu Binacional handed over a new batch of medicines and medical supplies to the Ministry of Public Health, worth 4.7 billion guaraníes that will be used for services in the interior of the country.

The ceremony was held this morning at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, with the presence of the president of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, the minister of Public Health, Julio Mazzoleni, among other high authorities.

On the occasion, the general director of Itaipu Binacional, José Alberto Alderete, explained that the delivery takes place within the framework of the Social Responsibility and the agreement he maintains with the Ministry of Health.

Alderete pointed out that this is the second delivery of medicines and medical supplies to the Family Health Units (USF) in Concepción and San Pedro, in order to optimize services in the two departments considered most vulnerable in the country.

At the first opportunity we delivered drugs worth 14.5 billion guaraníes, today a little less. Already the President (Abdo Benítez) verified the drugs that are in the trucks.

The Ministry of Public Health will be responsible for the final distribution according to the requirements and needs of each Care Centre.

In addition to the provision of medicines and medical supplies, Itaipu invests in the construction, refurbishment and equipment of 19 USF for both departments. Each USF addresses the health needs of 3,000 to 5,000 people.

In Concepción there are 12 centers of attention, distributed in the following localities: Cerro Memby (Yby Jau), Yvyraty (Horqueta), Captain Sosa (Horqueta), fresh leather (Arroyito), Kurusu de Hierro (Azotey), Nucleus 6 (Arroyito), Quartelero (Horqueta) and Primavera (City of Concepción).

In San Pedro there are 7 USF, distributed in Pyaguapy, Prosperidad (Santa Rosa del Aguaray), Tacuatí, Cocuera and San Vicente Pancholo.

The general director of the Binacional announced that they will continue to work “for the people and for the people” to improve Paraguayan health.

Itaipu is a strategic ally

In his turn, minister of Public Health, Julio Mazzoleni stressed that the Binational entity is a strategic ally for health coverage in the farthest points of the country.

This allows us to reach each compatriot with emphasis on the northern part of the country, Concepción and San Pedro, where 19 Family Health Units are going to benefit the entire population that is within the scope of the Family Health Unit,” he said.

The drugs and supplies delivered today will benefit some 310 thousand compatriots in the northern part of the country.

Also reported on the construction of the health services at the country level for strengthening of primary health care.

We are already building 40 Family Health Units and will reach approximately 103 by the end of the year. That is already about double the last 5 years.

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