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How can I protect my family’s health if I travel this weekend

A new Holy Week holiday arrived in Peru and its citizens are in search of trips that allow them to get out of the daily routine. However, daring to live new experiences in areas with extreme climates such as the Andes or the Amazon can cause certain accidents such as falls, wounds, injuries, sunstroke, among others. What should be done to prevent such contingencies?

RPP Noticias contacted health professionals who gave some advice to the travelling population. Jordi Grau, a surgeon and assistant manager at Assist Card, a traveller’s assistance organization, points out that the risk of some kind of accident for travellers increases if they carry an older or younger adult relative with them.

“The risk is greater if the older adult has a chronic illness such as diabetes or hypertension and children have a respiratory condition or allergic reaction,” he explained. That’s why your main advice is vaccine prevention. For warm areas such as the Amazon, the yellow fever vaccine is useful, while the seasonal influenza vaccine is necessary because it is a period of change of seasons.

What should the emergency medicine cabinet carry?

The internist physician at the Anglo-American Clinic, Marco Carvajal, reported that superficial wounds are the most common damage during a family trip. If one of the Travelers gets hurt and has superficial wounds, the wound can be washed with soap and water. Then it can be covered with gauze or pressed with a bandage, the expert advised.

For people who are exposed to high temperatures and want to avoid sunstroke or burns, the sunscreen is necessary. “An aloe vera gel also helps in case the person needs to freshen up urgently in order not to suffer decompensation,” he added.

Painkillers are also needed to control muscle aches in the shoulder or knee of travelers who make physical effort on long walks or like climbing. For people with sore throats it is also useful.

Food is also a point to consider whether you want to be healthy during a trip. Every traveler must bring fresh water to stay hydrated. If the person ate disproportionately and has heartburn or indigestion, he or she may have bicarbonate in his or her medicine cabinet. ” With only half a teaspoon dissolved in water it can soothe the swelling of the stomach, ” he concluded.

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