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Here we are improving the soul of the provincial Public Health System

On Friday afternoon, Governor Alberto Rodríguez Saá signed a framework agreement on technical assistance and training with representatives of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires. The rubric was carried out in the White Salón de Terrazas del Portezuelo between the first president of puntano representing the province and the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the UBA, Ricardo Gelpi.

During the event it was possible to realize the dream of the medical students of the Catholic University of Cuyo, that through a joint action between the government of puntano and the Faculty of Medicine of the UBA, the province will become the headquarters of this prestigious Study House so that medical students can realize their residences without having to leave San Luis.

The specialization of medical professionals who work in the different public health centers of the province, through the University of Buenos Aires, will strengthen the medical teams and cover the demands, which the provincial government is determined to cover in the shortest possible time.

Rodríguez Saá highlighted the international prestige of the UBA Medical School, to whose Dean he made a special compliment: “we are very grateful, because they are helping us with the soul and that it is our great concern and demand from those who rightly criticize us; very good cement, but improve the soul, they tell us, good cement and here we are improving the soul of the provincial Public Health System.

The White Room was filled with white guards of professionals, nurses and students, who followed the live transmission of the tour that the governor made with the guests and the minister of Health, Silvia Sosa Araujo, by the Integral Oncology Center and the works that already show the main columns of the future Central Hospital.

I was admired and surprised by the things I saw in San Luis, such as the Cancer Center, which is really impressive because it also combines medical quality with beautiful things, as delicate patients go there, and also seeing a hospital built with 400 beds, is a monstrosity, ” said Dean Gelpi.
He also addressed the puntanos, to whom he told them that” they have reason to be proud to live in San Luis and have people like Alberto, Silvia and the other ministers.

The University director also announced that he will send to the province “a menu” with numerous exchange options that San Luis will be able to execute with that study House. “The province has open doors for Master’s degrees, doctorates and training for specialist doctors.”
Gelpi stressed that these kinds of UBA agreements, which are very few signed with the provinces, allow access to numerous benefits, including international subsidies.

Minister Sosa Araujo rescued the importance of”those who visit us can see the enormous investment is taking place in the province, executed by the governor’s decision.

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