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Health and safety will be a priority in San Pedro de la Paz

After seven years in which both social leaders and the municipality of sampedrino knocked on doors seeking to have a new Family Health Centre, Cesfam, for the commune, the arduous task paid off, as they already have the expected real estate.

The undersecretary of welfare networks, Luis Castillo, moved to San Pedro to inaugurate the Cesfam Loma Colorada, which involved an investment of $2.5 billion and which in its 1,700 square meters of extension will serve more than 13,000 people.

The undersecretary acknowledged that the project was a long-term project, which had to be implemented by several governments, due to the complexity of large infrastructure projects and the hundreds of criteria that must be combined.

However, after waiting, he said, they now have a Cesfam to which benefits have been added that previously did not exist, such as a rehabilitation centre, sampling units and even a resuscitation unit that will favor the resolution of the attentions.

However, Castillo said the infrastructure must go hand in hand with safety, as many health workers have been victims of physical and verbal violence by users. “We have had to react by sending a bill to Congress that increases the sanctions for those who commit such acts (aggressions) within the health infrastructure.”

Gabriela Flores, national president of Confusam, he was relieved by the importance of the new draft Law that will sanction those who damage to health officials, “the criminals who come to the health centers to adjust accounts, to remove the wounded and those who misunderstand the concept of what is primary health care and emergency services”.

He added that the newly inaugurated one, according to Flores, will dignify the work of its peers, will allow better service to the users.

Meanwhile, Mayor sampedrino, Audito Retamal, was satisfied with the new building and stressed that they are “fulfilling a desire of the neighbors, who for many years intended to improve the current health establishment of the sector”.

Carlos Grant, director of the Concepción Health Service, agreed with Retamal on the need for the new center. “Now they will have at their disposal a place that went from 617 square meters to another 1,718 square meters that triples the space for a population close to 20,000 users ( … ) to give them a health of dignified and resolute quality.

Primary health

Luis Castillo said that at the request of President Piñera, a radical surgery will be carried out to the primary care model that will involve, progressively, greater resolutivity, incorporation of otolrino and ophthalmology centers, creation of adult metal health centers and juvenile infanto.

In addition, with the digital hospital they hope to reduce or eliminate, especially in primary care, the waiting times for the interconsultation of specialties. “We must work hard in these four years, and transform primary care into the nuclear element of Chile’s health.”

In terms of the Cesfam that have paralyzed the works from 2016, in Colonel and Tirúa, the under-secretary said that he will review the budgets in order to adapt the resources allocated to these services of care, “is being completed to move forward in the reprogramming of the services of regular care

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