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Doctor moves to Chaco Family Health Unit

By a resolution signed by the current Minister of Health, Carlos Morínigo, the doctor Carlos Bustos, who was in the USF of the community of chaqueña, moved with the item included. Bustos is the stepson of the new Governor José Domingo Adorno (ANR), according to leader Marta Ramírez, who yesterday called members of the community to discuss the case.

Those concerned confirmed that they would send a note to MP Marlene Ocampos demanding that the item be returned through the Committee on Indigenous Affairs.

We didn’t think it was going to be this way; on one previous occasion it happened to us in the same way, since the Health Unit must be installed in Riacho Mosquito, but it is managed from Puerto Casado. Health officials often come to Riacho Mosquito to assist us, but in the case of Doctor Bustos we only saw him do his work in the community three times, lamento Ramírez.

He added that he repeatedly tried to talk to the new governor Adorno, “but he won’t listen to me, when there are electoral campaigns they promise us many things, but in this way they treat us and take out items that correspond to Indigenous people,” said Ramírez.

Adversely affected. Another affected community is Boquerón Kue, which is near Riacho Mosquito, and also depends on the health service. ” The item is ours, it was put in the name of the indigenous people, if he wants to move, he must have left without carrying the item, because we need a medical professional to look after US, ” said population Luis Alvarez.

There are many who want to work and do not have the opportunity,” he emphasized at the time of mentioning the case of a Chamacoco doctor received in Cuba, “who so far has no job and who can serve us in our community.

The only one serving about 800 families between Riacho Mosquito and Boquerón Kue is a nurse who receives patients from various diseases, residents say.

Resolution. The note of resolution that came out on the 9th of July 2018 of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare No. 784/2018, presented by the Directorate General of Primary Health Care, and received by the General Directorate of Human Resources such as file No. 79.312/18, in which it seeks to relocate to the Dr. Carlos Daniel Bustos Fretes, of the USF Riacho Mosquito for the Tenth, Seventh Sanitary Region Alto Paraguay to the USF Aldama Ravine, Itauguá, eleventh Sanitary Region Central.

This resolution was endorsed by the minister of Health, Carlos Morínigo, and thus leaves the USF of the Indigenous community of Riacho Mosquito in the District of Puerto Casado, Department of Alto Paraguay without any medical category.

In addition, Galeno Bustos was in charge of the management of the Casado Social Security Institute, a situation which will also be affected by his transfer. Moreover, for a long time, he was absent from his workplace, according to versions of the inhabitants.

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