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Charito Brizuela fulfilled his dream of having his health center remodeled.

Charito opens the Lomitas Health Center at “six to twenty”, it’s off schedule, but it does so that the neighbors don’t get cold waiting for the professionals to arrive. He lives a few meters from the CAPS that is in height: “it’s that the previous one was down there, in the well and every time the flood went down, the water went in from behind.” Its history is similar to that of many people who give their lives day by day for the public health service. The emotion embargoed her because she has been on duty for more than thirty years and has no plans to retire, she does not want to stop going to work for the health of the albardoneros.

With the reopening of the Health Center, Las Lomitas, Zona Sanitaria III, in charge of Dr. Fernando Balmaceda, sum improvement of consideration to the Public Health infrastructure. The CAPS is coordinated by the Chief of the programme Area and director of the José Giordano Hospital in Albardón, Dr. Sonia Sánchez.

The minister of Public Health, Dr. Alejandra Venerando, highlighted at the opening ceremony the importance of the first level of care, “because Rawson and Marcial Quiroga hospitals are very important, but there are many others that are more tangible to the population, who are the ones with care on the periphery.” Dr. Venerando took the opportunity to recall that years ago she met this chaps in the training and training processes she was in charge of, which led her to meet many centres in the periphery and remote departments.

The Health Center of Las Lomitas elementary was opened in 1994 by then governor Juan Carlos Rojas, was then secretary of State for Public Health Dr. Jose Civic and the superintendent was Mrs. Carmen Garcia. Its coverage area is approximately 6,500 people, but without a doubt, as with the refuncionalization of health centers, more people are coming to seek quality medical care. Its services are family medicine, nutrition, dentistry, psychology, medical clinic, pharmacy and nursing. He serves Monday through Friday morning hours.

When you ask Charito Brizuela what he likes most about this job, he doesn’t hesitate to answer “the deal with people, to be able to give them what they’re looking for. Sometimes we do more than we should, we tend people who come from other provinces or who are not from Albardon and are passing through, we have a pharmacy that the neighbors give it a lot of value.” She works on the administrative side, but she’s considered a ” multi-use, I’m for whatever they need me, even when they took us to the CIC because they were fixing here, I also opened before 6: 00, it’s that people line up, it’s because they need to be cared for, and it’s very cold outside, so I come before and put them through. Sometimes that has brought me trouble, but well, what are we going to do, I can’t just leave things alone.”

At the end of the opening and after the breakfast that the governor shared with authorities and neighbors, Charito was eager for two photos, one with Sergio Uñac and the other with his minister, and so it was, he got the pleasure and got them.

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