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Suicide as another public health problem

Suicide is a mystery to science. How can people gather the courage to shoot themselves, hang themselves or take a lethal dose of a drug, when doing so violates the strongest instinct that has left us millions of years of evolution? It’s not morbid curiosity. The answer could be the …

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Policies that encourage teenage pregnancy

Adolescents in the Dominican Republic are denied their sexual and reproductive rights, including access to Safe Abortion, Human Rights Watch said in a report published today. The authorities should implement a new plan for comprehensive sexuality education and decriminalize abortion to curb unwanted teenage pregnancy and reduce unsafe abortion. The …

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Children with low birth weight, a public health problem

Experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) emphasise that low birth weight continues to be an important indicator for public health worldwide and is associated to a series of consequences in the short and long term, such as morbidity and mortality, fetal and neonatal, deficiencies in the cognitive development and …

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Public health campaigns for the prevention and detection of diseases through training of personnel

The Ministry of Public Health, through its various programmes, strengthens the prevention, detection and diagnosis of diseases through the transfer of knowledge to professionals, health personnel, as well as the community, according to the different factors of the determinants of health (environmental and health) in different mission locations. During this …

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A public health awareness campaign

The Andalusian councils of the official Schools of dentists, doctors and pharmacists, together with the Ministry of Health, have joined together to create a new Public Health Awareness Project. Thus, the aim of the ‘hygiene in your hands’ campaign is to raise awareness and raise awareness among health professionals, as …

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