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A public health awareness campaign

The Andalusian councils of the official Schools of dentists, doctors and pharmacists, together with the Ministry of Health, have joined together to create a new Public Health Awareness Project.

Thus, the aim of the ‘hygiene in your hands’ campaign is to raise awareness and raise awareness among health professionals, as well as the rest of the population, of the importance of taking care of the hygiene of our hands, as a fundamental way to protect health and prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, as well as contagion to the rest of the population.

A new initiative carried out under the basic recommendations of the WHO, and which is part of the actions carried out since the Pirasoa programme, a comprehensive programme for the prevention and control of infections related to health care and the appropriate use of antimicrobials.

‘Hygiene in your hands’ is a fully audiovisual campaign consisting of five videos explaining why it is important to wash your hands, how it should be done depending on whether it is done with antiseptic soap or hydro-alcohol solution, when to wash and what bad habits we usually have.

Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, delegate of Health and families of Almería, said during the presentation of the campaign that ” due to poor hygiene practices in the hands 33,000 deaths occur in Europe due to multi-resistant bacteria, of which 500 are in Andalusia. This is why it is very important to bring this kind of message to the public, and to health professionals in particular.”

For his part, José Ramón Maldonado, coordinator of the Service of Preventive Medicine of the Hospital Torrecárdenas, explained that hand washing is “the most simple, cheapest and effective to prevent the transmission of infections. Good hand hygiene can prevent more than 40% of infections in the hospital environment.”

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